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Grande Design puts a fresh face on good old-fashioned values

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kitchenThe past few months have been very exciting for us at Grande Design. We’ve been busy bees working around the clock on a fresh new ad campaign. Excited to see it? We thought so! Here’s how it all started…

It seems like everywhere you look there are new residential developments going up, and fast. You will be driving down the street one day and you can see foundations being laid, and the next day the houses are up! As if they ‘grew’ overnight. With good builders and good technology this can be done, but the fact is that many of these developments are being rushed without the care and quality that you deserve.

At Grande Design that’s not how we do things. Our homes are built with the highest quality materials, and crafted by the most skilled tradespeople. At Grande Design, you can rest assured that your new home has been built with good old-fashioned values, built to last like it was ‘back in the good ol’ days.’

We think that’s pretty important and that’s exactly what we wanted to portray with our new campaign. Our modern homes are built with classic values.

So that’s the genius behind our new campaign. Grande Design homeowners are chic, stylish and value quality above all. So here’s a sneak peek at how our campaign turned out.